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"Walk through our door and you'll open more doors than you can imagine, to any career you want in the future. you're not like anyone else. That's why you're here"


"Our recruitment process will be handled carefully by our Talent Acquisition team. The selection process will be based on the competency assessment."


Find the job and match with your skills and interest. You can find the list of vacant position in above section.

Tips to apply:

1. Create resume that highlight your skills and experiences that are related to the job you want to apply

2. Mention about your leading experience: What is your responsibility dan how big is the team

3. Keep it short, clear and simple


Assessment depends on the position you apply for. Generally your application will go through these steps: Resume Screening, Written Test, Interview, Focus Group Discussion, and Business Case Presentation.

Tips for assessment:

1. Ask the detail of each assessment process to the recruiter when you are invited

2. Be confident

3. Be yourself


Successful application will be reviewed by our team based on your competencies. You will be notified by Human Resources team for the result.

Tips after acceptance:

1. Unlimit yourself


"Frequently Asked Questions"

What are the official contact details for recruitment matters?

Can I apply for multiple jobs?

What if I need transport to another city for the interview?

How do I find the job that matches my education background?

What is the assessment type used by Sampoerna for recruitment process?

Will I be notified for the next assessment process?

I was interviewed 3 months ago but wasn’t selected to join Sampoerna. May I re-apply?

Can I find Sampoerna on Social Media platforms?

How can I talk directly with a Sampoerna representative?



"Find the reason why Sampoerna is a great place to work."

we are international

We are an affiliate of philip morris international, the world's leading tobacco company that manufactures and distributes 7 out of 15 top brands globally, working with us provides you a professional setting of inclusive environment with diverse stakeholders from all around the world

we help you grow

We believe success starts with people. Therefore, Sampoerna will support you with unlimited career development journey. Our company offers you a fresh perspective to unlimit yourself in learning and discovering new insights. Our motto is striving for excellence and being the means of support for you to unlimit yourself in unleashing your full potential with us.

we reward & appreciate you

We reward and value you by providing competitive compensation and benefit packages to accomodate your needs. We are also an equal opportunity employer which strongly support meritocracy for all employees. In Sampoerna we also build an inclusive environment by giving opportunities for all employees to unleash their ideas, recognizing and rewarding them. so they valued engage, and appreciated

we are diverse

Our people consist of diverse function with diverse background (gender, nationality, generation, etc) and we value meritocracy.

we create
inclusive environment

We collaborate together between leaders & employees to commit creating inclusive working environment